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January 16, 2014

The Weather Channel Launches keeptheweatherchannel.com for Spanish-Speaking DIRECTV Viewers

Spanish-Speaking Fans Can Take Action and Speak Out About DIRECTV Dropping The Weather Channel from its Programming Lineup

ATLANTA -- Since the morning of January 14, The Weather Channel is no longer available on DIRECTV, which refused to come to an agreement on a market-based carriage deal. Today, for its spanish-speaking fans the network launched http://www.keeptheweatherchannel.com/espanol/ to allow them to speak out and take action.

Visitors to the site can learn more about why The Weather Channel is no longer on DIRECTV and what they can do to be heard. Resources are available to call or email DIRECTV. They can also take a pledge to switch to a provider that carries The Weather Channel and review a list and immediately contact an alternate provider.

Fans of The Weather Channel can join the more than 35,000 who have made the pledge to switch, the more than 165,000 that have sent emails and add to the more than 300,00 phone calls made. This momentum continues as fans tell DIRECTV that The Weather Channel cannot be replaced by a small startup that is not live, does not offer up-to-the-minute weather information, and cannot provide live coverage during severe weather.

Every day, 100 million households rely on The Weather Channel to provide critical and accurate real-time weather-related information. With more than 220 meteorologists, forecasting covers the entire United States from the national and regional level, all the way down to the hyperlocal street level. The Weather Channel also maintains two-way partnerships with public and non-profit emergency response organizations, including The American Red Cross, FEMA and NOAA, allowing for a constant flow and disbursement of critical weather-related information when it matters most.


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