Britley Ritz

On-Camera Meteorologist, Local Now

Britley Ritz joined Local Now as an on-camera meteorologist in March 2021. She was first interested in weather at a young age when a tornado touched down in her front yard. The fear of this happening again peaked her studies to become a meteorologist. She started her career as a broadcast meteorologist in Duluth, Minnesota studying snow and extreme cold.

Traveling to Cedar Rapids, Indiana, Britley took on all elements of the atmosphere, from flooding to tornadoes and more snow. Being a fan of the warmer weather, her next job took her to West Palm Beach to report on hurricanes. She's now the morning meteorologist here at Local Now providing you a local weather feel at a national level.

Prior to her on-air experience, Britley attended Ball State University located in Muncie, Indiana. At Ball State she majored in Meteorology and Climatology. During her studies at the university, she loved following storms across the Great Plains and learning first-hand the power and complexity of severe weather.

Britley has always been captivated by the science of weather. Her fascination began at the age of seven, when she experienced her first tornado.

In her spare time, Britley can be found drawing with chalk pastels, checking out the beauty of Earth's nature,


Atlanta, GA


Nature, Cooking, Art, Dogs

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