Each adrenaline-pumping, awe-inspiring, heart-warming episode of FAST: HOME RESCUE follows Cody and Felicia Walker (brother and sister-in-law of the late Paul Walker) as they rebuild homes that were devastated by natural disasters. The husband-and-wife duo run Reach Out WorldWide, a disaster relief organization started by Paul, which deploys all over the world to help families get back into their storm-damaged houses. Every week, Cody and Felicia lead their team to rebuild and renovate a home for a different family. With so many houses to fix from coast to coast, they only have one week to complete each build! While the stakes couldn’t be higher, they make sure to always have a ton of fun while completing each project!

FAST: HOME RESCUE premieres, Saturday, September 17 at 8 p.m. ET on The Weather Channel. Check out the series promo below: