Allen Media Group Becomes the First Media Company to Successfully Transact on New Measurement Currency ‘VideoAmp’ – Delivering on The Company’s 2023-24 Upfront Strategy

Allen Media Group Becomes the First Media Company to Successfully Transact on New Measurement Currency ‘VideoAmp’ – Delivering on The Company’s 2023-24 Upfront Strategy

A Historic First for Any Media Company, Allen Media Group, Which Owns The Weather Channel, Has Moved the Advertising Buying Market to VideoAmp

Byron Allen’s Allen Media Group (AMG) is proud to announce that The Weather Channel Television Network – which has been voted the most trusted news brand in America – is the first network to achieve across-the-board acceptance from the advertising community to use VideoAmp as its new ad currency.

At the Cannes Lions Festival in June 2023, AMG announced their historic innovative decision to go all-in on using the big data ratings provider VideoAmp, making AMG the first media company to use VideoAmp as its primary currency. Now, at the close of the Upfront Season, AMG has fully delivered on that vision and strategy by successfully aligning with brands, holding companies, and ad agency partners to transact with VideoAmp's big data.

“The Weather Channel is very proud to be the first network to transition to VideoAmp, proving that reliable big data measurement is the future of the television industry,” said Byron Allen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of Allen Media Group. “We made the move at the start of the Upfronts because our clients deserve much stronger data. VideoAmp allows us to better serve our clients by showing the efficacy and return on investment our audiences and content deliver.”
“Allen Media Group is making bold decisions to push the industry towards smarter and more sophisticated ways of measuring viewers. The Weather Channel moving its entire Upfront to VideoAmp currency is a massive testament to their commitment of increasing the value of media for their advertiser clients and viewers," said VideoAmp Founder and CEO, Ross McCray.
“At Horizon we are always focused on innovation and improving our client's impact against their advertising commitments. We fully support The Weather Channel’s move to VideoAmp as their primary currency and being able to demonstrate to our clients the improvement of measurement and efficacy against their media campaigns,” said David Campanelli, EVP and Chief Investment Officer of Horizon.

As the industry shifts toward a multi-currency world, AMG’s vision, leadership, and ultimate success proves that focusing on big data solutions instead of panels for measuring audiences resonates with the advertising community. Other television platforms have also chosen to offer alternate measurement tools outside of panel-based platforms, but none have fully transacted or converted to a new currency.

The forward-looking 10-year agreement between AMG and VideoAmp will ultimately deliver advertisers enhanced cross-platform metrics and display a more accurate and impactful picture of the power of AMG’s platforms and audiences. Features like VideoAmp’s currency-grade data, advertising solutions, and Content Analysis Rating Dashboard will allow advertisers a clearer view of audience delivery, ROI, and reporting. In addition, VideoAmp’s extensive dataset includes close to 40 million households. With the industry’s move toward big data, AMG’s bold move to partner with VideoAmp is an example of innovative companies leading the charge toward a more precise advertising environment.


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