Henry Golac

On-Camera Meteorologist

Henry Golac is a 13-time Rocky Mountain Emmy® Award-winning meteorologist for Best Weather Anchor and Special and Script in the All-Western Country. Most recently, Henry served as Chief Meteorologist for Telemundo in Arizona. Henry worked as a Meteorologist for Univisión Central Florida, when he arrived in that city he made history by becoming the first local Hispanic meteorologist in that city, at the beginning of his television career he contributed as a Weather Anchor to the development and execution of the first department of forecasts of America Teve Channel 41 in Miami.

Henry has a master's degree in environmental engineering and is a Certified Meteorologist with the highest distinction for a broadcast meteorologist from the American Meteorological Society (AMS-Certified Broadcast Meteorologist), a distinction that only a very small group of professionals have in Spanish. He currently belongs to the AMS' scientific committee for the review and qualification of exams in Spanish.

In his free time, Henry enjoys keeping fit through sports (cycling, running and swimming) and participating in marathons and triathlons. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and two children hiking through nature and visiting the beautiful eastern and southern states in the U.S. -- exploring all the abundant vegetation, waterfalls and rivers they have to offer.


Atlanta, GA


Cycling, Running, Swimming, Hiking, Travel

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